Increasing Use of Cardio Protective Medication Bundle through Prescriber Calls

Date: 07/23/2021

Members diagnosed with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease (CVD) can benefit from a recommended cardio protective medication bundle – taking a statin and an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEi) or an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB). This medication bundle improves clinical outcomes and reduces mortality rates for patients with CVD and diabetes. We partnered with a California health plan to provide outreach to prescribers, aiming to increase the number of members taking a statin and an ACEi or ARB.

The California health plan had more than 8,700 members diagnosed with diabetes and/or CVD who were not taking a statin. About 3,700 of those members were also not taking an ACEi or ARB. In this program, we conducted multimodal outreach to encourage prescribing of the cardio protective medication bundle. A team of pharmacists and technicians called physician offices for an initial response. Technicians ensured offices received our letters, while pharmacists engaged in clinical conversations with providers or their staff. By using additional phone outreach, we were able to encourage higher rates of prescribing compared to only sending out letters. As a result, our Prescriber Call Program resulted in a 33% increase in members started on a statin and a 15% increase in members started on an ACEi or ARB, leading to a 60% decrease in the plan’s per member per month (PMPM) cost by reducing utilization related to cardiovascular events.

To learn more about our Prescriber Call Program, read our case study here. Contact us for more information about how we engage with prescribers.


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