Behavioral Health

Behavioral health facilities are the front line of providing effective treatment to patients with mental illness and developmental disabilities. But managing the ever-escalating cost of prescription medications is a difficult challenge, and these rising drug costs can result in driving up the overall cost of care and threatening care quality and outcomes.

At Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, we care, and we have created behavioral health programs to make a difference.

We work with our behavioral health partners to customize a pharmacy network strategy that ensures that behavioral health patients have access to the right drug at the right time to support positive clinical outcomes while controlling drug costs.

Customizing a Pharmacy Network Strategy

  • We listen to your needs and partner with you to implement the right pharmacy network or combination of networks for your facility and your patients
  • We develop and manage strategic customized network plans that make sense for each of our partner’s needs, including:
    • Open Pharmacy Network – Patients can choose any pharmacy in the plan network with over 60,000 pharmacies to choose from
    • Restricted Pharmacy Network – Patient must use only specific pharmacies
    • Customized Pharmacy Network – Designed specific to the individual plan sponsor’s needs (i.e., county, city or state restricted)
  • Pharmacies within our network are required to comply with thorough credentialing criteria that ensures delivery of the highest quality patient services
  • Patients have the access they need based on the plan’s preference, budget, and accessibility

County Healthcare Programs

Envolve Pharmacy Solutions has more than 15 years of experience serving County Healthcare programs, designing pharmacy benefits plans that simplify administration and benefits delivery to patients. We draw upon plan-specific claim information to tailor benefit plans that are customized for the needs of our County Healthcare program partners.

Our prescription plan design options for County facilities include:

  • Maximum prescription settings (for example: limit of 3 per month)
  • Closed physician networks
  • Maximum benefit amounts
  • Closed pharmacy networks
  • Quantity limits and age limits
  • Custom formularies

For more information about our Solutions for Behavioral Health and County Healthcare Programs, or to request a quote, please call (800) 413-7721.