If you are seeking a better approach to pharmacy benefits management, one that is flexible and puts your needs first, and has the individual member at the center of everything we do, you have come to the right place.


As a combined PBM and specialty drug management solution that is integrated across the medical and pharmacy benefit, we customize and constantly innovate for our plan sponsor partners and deliver personal, caring service for their members.

At Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, we significantly improve financial, clinical and operational performance by using expertise, systems, data and analytics to cut waste, manage cost trends, and ensure each member uses the right drug at the right time. 

We call our approach “Caring IN Action” and we are changing the way the 21st century PBM meets the needs of health plan sponsors and their members.  Check out how we help the key pharmacy benefit stakeholders:


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Plan Sponsors

We're your strategic partner in delivering unique and powerful PBM services. We manage the total drug benefit across pharmacy and medical benefits, manage cost and drug trend, with full clinical, operational and financial visibility, all under a customized and flexible program.

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We deliver personalized attention to our plan sponsor’s members. Our goal is to ensure that members receive the right drug, at the right time, in the right setting, all cost-effectively to improve health outcomes.

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We support physicians to simplify the prescribing process with a pre-authorization program that increases efficiencies and works in tandem with the physician’s own preferred software. We strive to remove barriers to providing quality care so physicians see the whole patient view across the medical and pharmacy benefit.

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We partner with pharmacists and pharmacies to ensure that members have access to the medications they need, while helping to ensure maximum health benefit coverage and coordination. Combining leading-edge data analytics, our deep pharmacy and medical benefit expertise, and specialty pharmacy knowledge, we are able to identify clinically appropriate, cost-effective medications for members.